Warm Ups

I think that OSU interests me the most because of its amazing Marine biology courses. I have wanted to be a Maarten biologist for several years and really hope I can do so. Learning about fish and the world they live in is just so amazing and magical to me! Also, it is a stress relief for me.. Plus you learn a lot of things that you or most people never would have known about. That is why OSU interests me.


Warm Ups

I plan to finish the year off strong by studying hard, finishing work in class and ask far more questions. Also, help other students who have questions. 

Warm ups

What motivates me? Well, a lot motivates me. I am motivated by being able to go hang out with friends, but first I need to get chores and homework done. I am motivated by my work to stay active and eat healthy.

Welcome to the adult life!

I am training for a job as a swim instructor! I love swimming and working with kids anyways so why not do this? I love it so far and would definitely keep doing it!! I have two more classes to go then I find out if I passed the class and get the job or not. I am so excited!! So far we have worked with a few groups of kids and a few of them liked me the most even though I had no idea what I was doing at that point xD lol well I am gonna go and do some school work during my free period and talk with friends in the library! love you guys!!



Warm up 4/17/14

Someone who overcame social differences, a few whom I won’t name, are my friends in school. They overcame their difference of their sexual preference from others who may not feel the same with their sexual preference. I chose them because the are showing who they are and I believe that if you like someone, no matter what sex they are, you should be able to like them. It is your choice in who you like and you are your own person. My friends know the discrimination that they will get, yet they push through it.

Warm Up

What are some misconceptions about Roosevelt?

Some misconceptions about Roosevelt is that everyone here is a druggy or poor. Every school has a few people who do drugs or is low on money but just because there are a few people doesn’t mean that everyone there is to. Personally, before I started here I thought everyone here was going to be a bad person and make bad choices. But once I started I realized that most people aren’t bad at all. We are all different people here, very diverse. We rough riders are all about equality, friendship, music and fun! We don’t all do drugs, or drink or go to jail. We might be in the ghetto, but that doesn’t mean WE are ghetto. We love what we do here and who we are and we understand that if we go here, we WILL get judged but we don’t care. We are respectful and if we keep it up people will understand that we are a a flower in a crack in the sidewalk. We are rare, but we are there. There are plenty of things we can change to change peoples stereotype about us. We can help the community, we can do more public activities. If we get attention everyone will know that we aren’t all bad people. Every school has different people, we just get recognized for it.

Per. 3

I am soo sorry for not blogging in MONTHS!!! I Started public school and have been so busy with school and sports and family that I didn’t have enough time for the blog… I’m so sorry guys! I missed you!! Some of these posts will be for school warm ups now (it’s a requirement for the class), and some won’t be. Ha I’ll be back tomorrow!! Love you all!